Interchange Projects

I-880 Southbound HOV Lane - Marina Blvd. to Davis St. ($55M)


Alameda County Congestion Management Agency


Project management, environmental planning coordination, final design, and construction support

Project Description

Widen and improve approximately 1.5 miles of Interstate 880 to extend the Southbound HOV lane facility from Marina Boulevard to just north of Davis Street in the City of San Leandro.  The project includes reconstruction of the Marina Boulevard and Davis Street interchanges with overcrossings raised approximately 8 feet to provide standard vertical clearance. The project also includes two bridge replacements, 2,800 feet of retaining walls, ramp metering and TOS improvements, utility relocations, right-of-way engineering, and local street improvements.

Project Highlights

  • Fast track project delivery to expedite congestion relief and meet funding deadlines
  • Optimized preliminary design prepared by others to minimize environmental and construction impacts, and eliminate throwaway costs for future interchange improvements
  • Complex stage construction in a heavily trafficked, physically constrained site
  • Completion of contract documents scheduled within an 18 month timeframe
  • Prepare over 450 plan sheets prepared